Monday, December 19, 2016

Brigham is Two Months

During the month of October, my sweet Briggy turned two months old. Some fun facts about Briggy at two months are:

 11 lbs 5.3 oz
22.5 inches long
Size 3 months clothes
Finishing up size 1 diapers
Started sleeping through the night at six weeks old.
Brigham at two months was starting to smile. One day in October he was smiling like crazy at his big sister Emmy. Emmy loves to take care of him.
Brigham has such gorgeous blue eyes.
Brigham is also starting to put on some chub and some delicious fat rolls. His little legs aren't so scrawny any more!

Brigham loved to be held. He was lucky to have Grandma and Papa come and visit him.

He spent Saturday at football games and soccer games. He was also a good sport for all the birthdays and parties we had during the month of October. 
Brigham is still very much loved by his siblings. Lucy loves to hold him when she comes home from preschool while I make her lunch.  I love how lovingly she talks to him.   In fact, Brigham is so loved so much by all his siblings.

We are so blessed to have this sweet snuggly boy in our family!

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