Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Brigham's Surgery

  When Brigham was one month old, we noticed that he was starting to have breathing problems. As time went on, breathing continued to be very difficult for him.  Our local doctor recommended us to be sent to a specialist at the Children's Hospital in Denver, CO.  There, Brigham was diagnosed as having laryngomalacia and ended up having a supraglottoplasty the next day.

Thank heavens Brandon's brother and his family live in the Denver area. They were so good to us to let us spend the night there before his big day, my sister-in-law brought us a wonderful bag of goodies for us at the hospital.

Brigham's surgery went well.  It took him a little while to wake up after the procedure. It was so hard on Brandon and I, giving our baby to the doctors to take back for surgery. This picture was taken before his surgery.

I was an emotional basket case and a nervous wreck during his surgery. After Brigham's surgery, he woke up mad! He was hungry (he couldn't eat before the surgery) and he was hurting. I literally held him the whole night after his surgery as I sat in the chair (he had to stay overnight after his surgery).  All the nurses loved him and couldn't get over how cute he was. We really had an excellent doctor and excellent nurses that took care of our baby.

All clear to go home, but you can still tell he is miserable!

Thank goodness my dad came down and held down the fort while Brandon and I were away.  He took care of my other kids, helped them with their homework, fed them and kept my house clean. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful supportive dad.   This picture was taken the night before we left to Denver. My dad made sure Brigham had a nice bath right before he left.  Also, I was so grateful for the priesthood blessing my dad and Brandon were able to give Brigham.

 We have seen wonderful improvement since Brigham's surgery. He is breathing so much easier. We are so grateful for modern medicine and the many prayers that were offered in his behalf.

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