Monday, December 19, 2016

Ben's 10th Birthday Party

 Ben was so excited to finally have his birthday party. We didn't really have a theme, he just picked the activities that he wanted to do and we went from there.

When the boys first arrived, we had a word search for them to do while we waited for everyone to come.
Next, the boys picked foam swords out of a box. The color of the hilt of the sword determined what team they would be on for capture the flag. Ben came to me with his idea of capture the flag with swords a few weeks before is party so I was able to order them in time.  The game of Capture the Flag with swords was probably the biggest highlight of the party and I think Ben's favorite part.

We also played the skittle game and the flour game.

Next, we opened presents and Ben was completely spoiled by his friends. 

For his birthday party, Ben decided that he would like to have a Eragon cake (he read the book recently and loved it). Brandon once again stepped up to the plate and made Ben an amazing cake! 
 We then sang Happy Birthday to Ben and had cake and ice cream.

 To finish the party, the boys went back outside to play Capture the Flag and run and jump in our leaf pile.  It was a great day to celebrate Ben! 

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