Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fall Soccer 2016

This past fall our Saturdays were filled with soccer and football games. The girls were soccer stars!

Lucy moved up in an age group and was the youngest by far.  However, she still managed to have a great time playing.  One of the games, every time her team scored, she would run and do a somersault to get back to the circle for the start of the next play. It was pretty funny!

Of course, Lucy found many friends on her team. Lucy had a great coach and had a wonderful time playing. She didn't score a goal this season, but she had some great drives and worked really hard.

Emmy rocked this past soccer season. She found a new love as playing goalie and she did a marvelous job.  She really dove for the ball to get many saves for her team.   She also was a fantastic offensive player and came away with scoring quite a few goals for her team.

Brigham did wonderful job at tagging along to many games.  I love this picture of him in his stroller at the last game in the middle of October (he was a little under two months old).

Overall, it was a fantastic soccer season for my girls! 

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