Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Fall Football 2016

While the girls played soccer in the fall, the boys played football.  The boys loved every minute of their season.  The boys had great coaches that encouraged them to improve and to try their best.

Hyrum enjoyed playing the center lineman and snapping the ball. For the most part, he was really accurate.

Hyrum was also able to be the kicker during the kick-off.

Some of the positions Ben played were running back, lineman, and safety. He was even able to run the football in for a few touchdowns.  Ben was quite the impressive player to watch.

One of the highlights for the boys for the season was when they were able to run on the field with the high school football players. Also, during the half-time of that game, they were able to play under the lights. The boys were in pure heaven!

The boys had a fantastic 2016 fall football season. 

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