Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Festival 2013

 The Friday before Halloween was our ward's Fall Festival. The kids were so excited to show off their costumes and playing with their friends.   By the way, Ben's Detroit Tiger football costume is one that my brother wore years ago!

Lucy's buddy was a cowboy and she was an Indian. We had to get a picture!

To start the night off, we had pizza for dinner. 

Next, came the different carnival games.    The kids were able to participate in a fishing booth, glow-stick toss on to a witch's hat, a fun Halloween craft, a toilet paper toss through a toilet lid,  and a cupcake walk. 

The kids each started the night with a set amount of tickets for the games, in order to be able to get more tickets to do the games, they had to perform service for someone by refilling their drink, bringing them a cupcake or helping a younger child and picking up trash.

There was also a pumpkin carving contest.  Emmy wanted to carve a pumpkin to enter. She wanted me to carve BYU dancers on the pumpkin (since she just saw a BYU ballroom dance concert and fell in love with them), however I told her that I would just do BYU.  Emmy then decided to deck her pumpkin out  with glittery Halloween stickers and ribbons she received for her birthday.  Emmy won the award of having the most creative pumpkin. 

To end the night, we had a candy dash.  All the kids were divided up into various groups based on their age. Candy was dropped out for each group for the kids to grab when it was there turn.

It was a fun and exhausting night since primary (my calling) was in charge.  Overall, it was a great night. 

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