Friday, November 22, 2013

Lucy in Motion

Since September, Lucy has been participating in a Tots in Motion class.  In this class, Lucy and I do a variety of active things together.  We crawl through tunnels, walk the balance beam, play with balls, sing and dance to songs and music, etc.  The pictures in this post are from her very first day.  Lucy loves every minute of her class. She loves doing the obstacle course, playing with her friends, and getting a sticker at the end of the class.

Lucy also loves it when she is able to play with the parachute with the other kids. Lucy has learned how to do a somersault through this class and will do them now on command or when she just wants to show off.

She loved taking the first session of the class with one of her best buddies!

This class has been perfect for her. It is something she and I get to do that gets us out of the house and moving!

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