Saturday, November 16, 2013

Loving Lucy

I can't believe that my little firecracker, for that is truly what she is most times, is two!  Lucy is a very smart, stubborn, independent, happy, loving two year old!

Some fun facts about our Lucy:

She gets so excited when she sees Brandon come home! She runs and gives him hugs.  Lucy also loves to get a kiss from Brandon and shouts "I luv you!" when Brandon is heading off to work.

It is always a race amongst Lucy's older siblings to see who can get ready first to have the privilege of getting Lucy out of her crib.

Lucy is a climber and quite often gets stuck and needs "help." She was pretty proud of the fact that she climbed the fence, but she soon realized she didn't like being up there and wanted me to get her down. She was bugged I stopped to take a picture before helping her. 

Lucy's facial expressions crack me up. Her expressions with her eyebrows have been known to get a few laughs!

Lucy LOVES books! Her favorite books are about animals and babies! She loves the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear as well as The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear.  Lucy also likes a book called Babies.  Lucy could read books forever!  After we read a book, Lucy tells me more or again if she would like the book to be read again.  I love how she walks backwards to sit in anyone's lap who would read to her.  We spend much time reading together.

Lucy loves to be outside and play; especially if the big kids are out there.  Lucy enjoys her cozy coupe car and riding the other bikes. Lucy is also a big fan of sidewalk chalk. I have had many pretty pictures that Emmy and Lucy have drawn together. 

Just recently she has finally let me put her on a swing at the park and do small pushes.

Lucy is fearless...she loves going down the HUGE slides.  Lucy also tries to catch other people going down the slides. She will squat and hold her arms together ready to catch the next child.  It is pretty funny!

One of Lucy's favorite things to do outside is to blow bubbles. She cheers loudly and gets so excited when she sees bubbles. 

Lucy enjoys playing with her stacking cups just like Ben did when he was her age. She loves it when we make towers with them and she knocks them down.  Lucy also enjoys playing with the shape sorter too.

Lucy's new favorite things are Barney and Minnie Mouse. She loves to watch a Barney show and sings and dances right along with them.

She loves the song That's What Makes you Beautiful. She loves it when I pull up videos on Youtube of that song for her to watch. She prefers all the videos that have the LDS Young Men lip singing and dancing.  She sings right along with them and does the actions.  

Lucy is into EVERYTHING! One of her favorite things is getting into my bathroom drawer to get the lotion, chap stick, deodorant!   Lucy loves to lather up with some good smelling lotion. Lucy also likes it when I put a little make -up with her. Lucy absoletly loves getting her nails painted. She holds really still when I am painting. However, it is a different story while the nails are drying.

Lucy calls herself Lu!

Lucy is really good at saying thank you and says it in the cutest way.

Lucy likes to do puzzles with me and file folder games. She is great at matching colors together.
She does a great job with animals sounds. She is working on her colors and counting.

One of her favorite things to do with Brandon is two (that is what she calls the game).  Brandon counts to three and tosses Lucy on the couch. Lucy just laughs and laughs. She loves it!

If you ask Lucy how old she is she will hold up two chubby fingers and say two!

Lucy loves to call out all the different animals that we see driving around. We see lots of cows, horses, dogs, cats, etc.

Like her older sister, Lucy is afraid of animals.  She likes them from a distance, but doesn't like it when the animals get too close.  Lucy does know most of the animal sounds. 

Lucy has many boyfriends. Two of her favorite friends her age are JR and Shaun. She also loves older boys too; particularly Brian!

Lucy is ALWAYS on my counter getting into things or helping me with dinner. She loves to help me make cookies and mix things together.  Any time I leave the room, I usually come back to find her on the counter. In the pictures below I found her up on the counter eating some left over cake from Family Home Evening!

Lucy is a great helper. She tries to sing the clean-up song as we work together to clean up the mess we made.

We all get a kick out of asking Lucy questions to which she responds quickly with raising her hand and yelling me.   Who loves daddy? ME!!!

Lucy could play Ring Around the Rosies forever!

 Lucy is really getting into dolls, also known as babies.  Lucy is constantly packing or pushing a doll around in a stroller with about four bottles. It is pretty funny and sweet. She is always wanting one of us to help her with her dolls. 

 Lucy loves babies in real life too. She is constantly finding a baby to smile at, take a blanket or a binkie too. It is so cute to see her in action.  We are working on making sure we are soft and careful with babies.

One of Lucy's favorite things to do is to wrestle and play with the kids. She always wants to be able to do what the kids are doing.  

Lucy has really gotten into painting recently and will paint FOREVER! Lucy also enjoys playing with play-doh.

The phone is one of Lucy's best friends.  As soon as she hears the phone ring she makes a mad dash to find it. She is also really good at calling people to "talk" to them.  She loves to chat with people on the phone. She always has a lot to say. 

Lucy is still a BIG mama's girl. She doesn't like it when people touch me; particularly my hair. It is pretty funny. 

Lucy has a great sense of humor and is always doing silly things to make us laugh. In the picture below she was laughing at her reflection on the oven. 

Lucy has the biggest smiles! I love her cheesy smile! 

I absolutely love it when she gives me kisses randomly and tells me "I luv you" It melts my heart.

We are so lucky to have this sweet girl in our lives. She makes us happy!

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