Friday, November 1, 2013

Pumpkin Carving 2013

On the Monday before Halloween we carved pumpkins.The kids were so excited!  It was so sweet, one of the elder gentlemen in our ward brought over pumpkins for my kids a week ago.  Before we even started carving, we had each of the kids draw a picture of what they would like their pumpkin to look like. 

I helped the kids carve the tops off of their pumpkin and helped them clean out the goop in the inside. I loved how happy my kids were while doing this. It was fun to know that we were creating fun traditions and memories with our little family.

 I was surprised that Lucy loved every minute of cleaning out her pumpkin. She didn't really want any help at all and was bugged at Ben that he would even think about touching her little pumpkin.

Brandon was a trooper and the carver. He helped the kids carve their pumpkins based on the drawings they drew and did a great job. He went above and beyond.  Emmy's pumpkin even had a bow in it!  Ben's pumpkin had crazy hair and Hyrum's pumpkin had vampire teeth!

Overall it was a great night of laughing happy kids doing fun gross things!

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