Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ben's Hotwheel Birthday Party

About four hours after Emmy's party ended, Ben's party begun.  Ben decided that he would have a Hotwheels birthday party. 

When the kids first arrived, we had them decorate note cards into driver's licenses and color a Hotwheel coloring page. 

We then went outside and did tire races and Red Light, Green Light and a tire toss with balls(like a bean bag toss).

We also divided the teams into two groups and did relay races full of jumping jacks, mountain climbers etc. 
  We also made two cars out of cardboard boxes and had the kids race in the cars.

We then went inside, divided the kids into two groups and played pin the wheel on the car and Don't Eat the Car. 
Next, Ben opened up some fun presents that his friends so graciously gave him.

Brandon also designed Ben's cake and I think the cake turned out awesome!

Then, we sang to Happy Birthday to Ben and ate cake and ice cream.  Just like Emmy's party, we had a little sundae bar for the kids to add sprinkles, oreos, raspberries and other yummy treats on top of their ice cream.

It was a fun and energy filled birthday party with all the boys.  It was a great time to celebrate our Ben.

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