Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hyrum's Baptism

Hyrum turned eight earlier this year.  For us, that is a big year in a child's life, it is the year that they choose whether or not to be baptized. Brandon and I tried our best to prepare Hyrum through out his life to make sure he had enough information to make this important life decision.  During Hyrum's interview with the bishop to be baptized we were nervous.  It was as if I was taking my final exam as a parent to see if I fulfilled my role as Hyrum's mother. 

On December 1st, our oldest son, Hryum, was baptized by his father.  He was washed clean and became a new member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  His two grandfathers served as witnesses as Hyrum made this sacred step in his life.  Later, Hyrum was confirmed by his father and received the gift of the Holy Ghost.  There was such a sweet and tender spirit there that night which touched my heart.  It reminded me of the overwhelming, tender and loving spirit that I felt following Hyrum's birth. I know that he is a chosen and loved son of our Heavenly Father.

The program that night was wonderful. Hyrum, Ben and Emmy sang the opening song of When I am Baptized.  My mother gave a nice talk on the importance of Baptism. 

 We were so fortunate and blessed to have many family and friends there to support Hyrum on his special day and I know that there were many who wished that they could have been there. 

Hyrum's friend Rebecca was also baptized that night.

Hyrum had to be baptized twice. Brandon, in his excitement, had his hands reversed while performing the baptism. 

Following the baptism and the confirmation of the Holy Ghost, we invited everyone to our house for some light refreshments.  I put up pictures around of Hyrum through out his life.

Once again, we are grateful for the people who support Hyrum in his choice to be baptized.  As parents, Brandon and I are so proud of our son and love him so much.

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