Monday, December 17, 2012

One Big Birthday Party

My parents came to visit in the middle of October.  Since all four of my children's birthdays are within five weeks, we had one big birthday party. 

Of course, we had cake.  The kids decorated the cake with all the old decorations that my siblings and I had on our cakes growing up. 

The boys were given some fun BYU shirts and Denver Bronco shirts from my parents. 

Hyrum also was given a ninja costume he wanted for Halloween. Ben was given a new Beywheel stadium and a Beywheel. 

The boys also received some Beyblades from Millie and Beywheels from Sean and Tracy. 

Emmy received some fun paint supplies and a pretty dress from my parents. 

Emmy also received some fun little craft supplies and bath stuff from Millie and a jewelry making kit from Sean and Tracy. 

Lucy received a fun pink dress from my parents and a purse that makes noises and has various objects she can take in and out.

Lucy was also given some bath toys from Millie and a cute outfit from Sean and Tracy

My dad's parents, Hot Chocolate Grandma and Grandpa, also sent a bag of fun goodies for the kids.  Ben loved his silly  glasses, Hyrum thought the rotten teeth were awesome, and Emmy was excited to find finger lights and Lucy was happy to explore it all. 

We are so lucky to have been given such fun things from family and for the love and support that they show my children.  Thanks again for the fun presents!!

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