Monday, December 17, 2012

The Nutcracker

Emmy started taking ballet this year and has loved every minute. It is so heart warming to watch her dance with a wonderful smile on her face. 

The company she dances with put on a performance of the Nutcracker. Her class was not in the Nutcracker, but she and I got all dolled up an went to watch. However, it did take us a long time to come up with an outfit that both she and I could agree on.  

We got there early to make sure we were able to have a good seat for Emmy to see the stage well. After we found our seats, we went to the front where I let Emmy pick out a Nutcracker.  She was so excited. She picked out a Nutcracker King as we call him. 

Emmy was enthralled with the performance. For the most part she sat quietly and watched the show. Sometimes she would ask me questions and sometimes she would hold her nutcracker close. 

Emmy said her favorite dance was that of the Snow King and Queen.  The snowflake dance was one of my favorites.
After the performance, we went out to McDonald's (her choice) where she had a happy meal, hot chocolate and ice cream. Emmy was tired and fell asleep before we even made it half way home.  It was a wonderful night. 

I LOVE spending some quality time with just my Emmy girl. I love hearing her thoughts about things and I just enjoy being with her.  She is my beautiful, smart, baby girl who I love so much!

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