Sunday, December 30, 2012

Family Birthday Party

In October, my sweet Emmy and Ben turned six! I can not believe they are six already.
On the morning of their birthday, they each woke up to an avalanche of balloons when they opened their bedroom door.  As well as balloons everywhere in the living room.
Ben and Emmy enjoyed the birthday calls they received in the morning before school from my parents.  
They were served mickey shaped pancakes for breakfast and wore some awesome shirts to school that I made for them to celebrate turning six years old. Emmy even had bumpy hair on her birthday.  She loves how her hair looks after I put it in braids.  

I met them with Happy Meals at their school for lunch.  They were so excited and loved that Lucy and I came to have lunch with them.

After school, I met them and sprayed them with silly string.
 We then hurried to take Emmy to her dance class and then I took the boys to Walmart to pick out a birthday cake.  Ben was really cute, he wanted to get Emmy a pink cake, but we found a Halloween cake that both were happy with. 

After we came home we had some yummy local pizza and opened presents.

Ben and Emmy were so cute and so excited for everything that they opened.
My parents already opened presents with the kids earlier, but they did send birthday cards, with a dollar, that the kids thought were awesome!
 Hyrum gave Ben a beyblade and Emmy a little journal.  
 Brandon and I  gave Emmy a stationary kit that she has loved as well as some clothes.  
Brandon and I gave Ben an awesome science kit and some clothes.  
Lucy gave Ben and Emmy each some fun books.
 Our neighbors gave Emmy some things to make fancy nails and a drawing book for Ben.  
Lorri and family gave the kids shrinki dinks.

Emmy picked out Ben some yucky teeth that he has wanted ever since Hyrum got some.  Ben gave Emmy some  paint.

They both received some nice clothes and fun toys from Brandon's parents.

We finished the night singing Happy Birthday to Ben and Emmy and ate some yummy Halloween cake!

It was such a special and wonderful day to celebrate my two special six year olds. 

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