Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dallas Aquarium

On another day in Texas, we went to an aquarium. It was pretty awesome to see many different kinds of fish. 

The kids love doing a scavenger hunt at the aquarium which helped them figure out interesting facts about the fish and other animals there. 

It was also pretty neat to see a keeper feed and talk about the animals.  The kids were even able to help feed some of the stingrays!

Another thing which we saw, that took your breath away, was walking through a glass hallway where the animals swam around you. Lucy was a little nervous about walking through.
At the very end of the exhibit, they had a spot for us to stick our hands in and touch various animals in the water.  It was pretty neat.  Lucy loved it!
We were spoiled rotten by Brandon's parents on this trip.  They took us to so many fun places play and delicious places to eat. It was a very exciting trip.

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