Thursday, January 9, 2014


Our house has a few very mature trees that produce many leaves which provide us wonderful shade in the summer and a  glorious colors to look at and a big pile of leaves to jump into in the fall.

 One Monday, early in November,  I spent many hours raking the leaves with Lucy "helping."  For our activity for Family Home Evening, we decided to combine the leaves into a big huge pile for the kids to jump into.

 The kids loved jumping in the leaves as well as Brandon and myself.   Lucy was not a fan of the leaves, they scared her.  She wouldn't jump into the big pile. 

The kids and Brandon were getting pretty creative with their jumps. They were jumping through hula hoops to land onto the leaf pile.  Lots of smiles and laughter for everyone!

I would like to note that I easily bagged around 30 big trash bags of leaves!  

It was fun night with our family!

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