Friday, January 10, 2014

Hyrum is Nine

My handsome Hyrum turned nine in November.  It blows my mind that he is that old.    Not to mention, how old he looks and how tall he is completely takes me off guard .  Hyrum is about as tall as my shoulder.  It probably won't be very many years before he passes me up in height. 
The night before his birthday, we headed out to our local small town restaurant to celebrate his birthday.  It was the place that Hyrum chose to eat.

On his actual birthday we kept it pretty simple since it was Sunday. The kids got up and played some games together.

I made Hyrum his Mickey Mouse shaped blueberry pancakes, eggs, and bacon with orange juice to drink for his birthday.
We went to church and came home.  Hyrum got to pick  what was on the menu for dinner. He told me that he wanted enchiladas.  He also mentioned that he want me to make chocolate chip cookies. So I  made them for the birthday boy.  Of course we sang Happy Birthday to Hyrum before we had the cookies.

After dinner and dessert, we opened up presents.  Hyrum was spoiled by many people. 

Lucy gave Hyrum the game Bop-it!

Hyrum received books from Emmy.

Hyrum received a Beyblade timer from Ben along with some football cards.

Brandon and I gave Hyrum some clothes. 
  Hyrum also received from us one of his favorite books, Stone Fox, and football cards. 
We also gave Hyrum a skateboard for his birthday, per his request. Since we live in such a small town we needed to order the skateboard and sadly, the skateboard didn't make it in time for his birthday.  However, he was still excited and was thrilled when the skateboard finally showed up. 

Hyrum loves to serve. He is constantly looking for ways to help people out.

Hyrum enjoys riding his bike and being outdoors.

One of Hyurm's favorite things to do is to participate in Cub Scouts. He loves going every week and learning new things with his friends.
Hyrum does well in sports. He really excelled in soccer this past year. Hyrum also participated in basketball this past year and did really well. I think basketball is his favorite sport.  
Hyrum loves to watch sports.  He particularly enjoys watching BYU Cougars and Denver Broncos games.

Hyrum started playing the piano in the fall, when school started, and he is playing so well. In fact, he will accompany the primary when they sing in church in a couple of weeks.

Hyrum loves looking at his football cards with Ben.

Hyrum does excellent in school. He reads really well and performs excellently in math.

Hyrum has a great smile! I love it when he gives a true laugh. He has a wonderful laugh.
He can be very sweet and kind to his family when he wants to be.  We are very lucky to have him in our family.  We love our sweet Hyrum!

Below is an interview I did with Hyrum:

1. What is your favorite color? Red
2. What is your favorite toy? Infinity game on the Wii
3. What is your favorite tv show or movie? Scooby Doo
4. What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner? Spaghetti
5. What is your favorite game? Stink Base
6. What is your favorite snack?  Cookies
7. What is your favorite animal? Cheetah
8. What is your favorite song?  The Mario Song
9.  What is your favorite Church song? I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ
10. What is your favorite book?  The Boxcar Children
11. Who is your best friend?  Mason
12. Where is your favorite place to go?  Utah
13.  What is your favorite drink?  Water 
14.  What do you love about yourself? That I have a family
15.  What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Blueberry pancakes with bacon
16.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  Eye Doctor
17.  What is your favorite fruit?  Kiwi
18.  What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Ride my bike
19. What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas
20. Who is your favorite scripture story?  When Nephi found the Liahona

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  1. NINE YEARS OLD??????????????????????? WAHHHHHHHHH!!! How is that even possible? That boy will never know how much we love him, and always will! Happiest Birthday you sweet, sweet boy!!