Friday, January 10, 2014

Lucy Paints

Lucy has turned into quite the character lately.  Back in November, Lucy painted for basically the first time. We used dot paints!  Dot paints don't make too big of a mess and are easy to use!

 She loved it! Lucy and I painted different things for an hour and a half! She would tell me to sit by her and paint!  

As you can tell from the pictures, she thought it would be a good idea to eat the paint!

Lucy and I also have a fun time reading together still. She will sit and read with me for as long as I will read books to her. 

Lucy has also enjoyed playing some simple file folder games that I made in high school.   The games help Lucy work on her colors and matching.  I think she feels like a big girl.

I am grateful for the opportunity which I have to stay home and spend some time with me and my sweet Lu!

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