Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lights at Temple Square

On Sunday night, after we had a marvelous dinner at my Aunt Lisa's house in Salt Lake, we headed to Temple square to enjoy the lights.
I have decided long ago that there is something simply magical about Temple Square.  The lights were breathtaking.

 We had the opportunity to go inside the Tabernacle.  There is definitely a special spirit in that beautiful building. 
It was really neat to go into a building and read all about the Salt Lake Temple and the sacrifices and effort that it took to make that majestic temple.

 By the way, my dad was happy, he just forgot to smile when I took his picture. 
After viewing the lights for a bit, we went to a local store and looked through their windows to see their all candy ornaments. Those ornaments were amazing. You could tell just by looking at them that a lot of time went into making them.

It was such a fun night to enjoy spending time with our family.  

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