Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Another exciting thing we did in Texas was Legoland.  This time Alizabeth was able to come with us.

Legoland was awesome and I think one of Hyrum's favorite parts of the trip.  There were many fun things for the kids to do.

When we arrived, there was a scientist that invited us into his laboratory and he showed us how Legos are made.  Next, we rode a ride, where you use a lazer gun to shoot bad guys.  The kids loved it and so did Brandon and I.

After the ride, you are officially in Legoland.  It was amazing to find many unique things made of Legos.

Lucy thought this motorcycle was pretty cool. It was completely made of Legos!

The 4D movie at Legoland was a bunch of fun and brought many laughs and giggles out of the kids; even Lucy enjoyed the show.

Lucy enjoyed playing in a bin of huge Legos!
There as also a race track for the kids to drive cars around in.  The kids did this ride quite a few times.

We found a Star Wars exhibit where many things were made completely from Legos and even moved.

There was also an exhibit of downtown Dallas.  Hyrum wanted his picture taken by the football stadium.

There was also many other things for the kids to play on and explore. However, I think one of their favorite parts was where they were able to build their own race cars and race them down ramps.

Lucy even found a discarded race car that was made by someone else.  She was so eager to put her car up with the boys to race over and over again. It was so cute!

We had a great time at Legoland!

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