Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grandma's Christmas Party

One of my favorite things about Christmas time is my Grandma's annual Christmas party. 
Delicious food was made and devoured.

 It was wonderful to catch up with everyone on what was going on in their lives.  

Christmas scripture stories were told by my dad and grandpa. 

Talents were shared.  Ben and Emmy sang their song I Want to be an Elf.  Hyrum was courageous and sang by himself Have a Holly Jolly Christmas in front of everyone.   

More carols were sung as we welcomed in the night's important visitor...Santa Claus.
Each of the kids at the party were invited to go up to Santa and tell him what they would like for Christmas. 
Once again, Hyrum said an IPOD

Ben said Football Cards

Emmy said a big jar of blueberries.

I was so proud of Lucy. I could tell that she was scared, but she sat on Santa's lap for a few seconds and told Santa that she would like a doll.  I was shocked to see her behave this way especially after the night before which was our Ward's Christmas Party.  

The kids loved finding fun things in their bags that Santa gave them. 
Lucy absolutely has LOVED her mask.  She even was sporting her mask today.

 I absolutely love spending time with my extended family. Living away from family for so long has made me realize how important family is; especially a family like the one I have. My family has given us constant love and support. My cousins, aunts and uncles play with my kids and ineract with them.  I am beyond blessed for the family that I have.

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