Friday, January 10, 2014

Hyrum's Football Party

We had an awesome birthday party to celebrate our Hyrum turning nine.  He had many great friends show up to help him celebrate his birthday. 

To start the party off, we once again had the kids color football helmets while we were waiting for the other kids to arrive.  
Next, we went outside and had the boys do an obstacle course that consisted of  mountain climbers, push-ups, jumping jacks, and a somersault before they could run back to slap the next person's hand.The boys were eagerly cheering on their teammates. 
After the relay race, the boys practiced throwing a football through a hula hoop.  If the boys were feeling adventurous, we would swing the hula hoop and have the boys would try to through the football through the hoop while it was moving.

Next, we came inside and played a skittle game.  Each person was given a cup and a straw.  The person who's turn it was, got to suck up as many skittles as they could with their straw and transfer them to their cup.  The next person in line was rolling the dice and as soon as that person rolled a six it was their turn.  The kids loved it!
Then we played the flour game which I played growing up. I used a bowl to make a flour mold and flipped it over onto a pan.  A starburst was then placed on the top of the mound.  Each person took a turn to cut a piece of the flour away.  If the starburst fell, the person who made it fall had to use only their mouth to get the starburst out.  The boys thought that this game was awesome! Even after we finished the game, almost every boy wanted to have a turn to stick their face in the flour.  It was pretty funny.

Next, we did presents. Hyrum was spoiled rotten by his friends.

Then, we sang Happy Birthday to Hyrum and had cake and ice cream.  Of course, Brandon made the cake. Brandon made Hyrum an awesome BYU cake.

It was a fun afternoon to celebrate our sweet Hyrum. 

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